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I use many different methods to inform my work; sketchbook, photographs, memory, and visual observation.  Often it is a combination of all these elements that are connected to me in some way; either obvious or subliminal, that determine the beginning of a series of work.


Putting down the paint and letting it direct me through the use of color, shape and mark making is the way I can gather the momentum to explore the direction I want to take. Sometimes the process is intuitive, other times more direct.  It all depends on the mood I'm in, and the way I want to connect the viewer to the final finished piece.


The process of getting there always involves layers of paint, gesture, scraping, mark making and taking paint away. The thing that seems to be constant in my process is reducing elements to the simplest level possible.  Eliminating/simplifying.  Working in the moment is what keeps me focused, and the connection between the literal and the abstract meet somewhere in between.

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